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​​​​​​Call for submission of symposium and technical workshop proposals will be open from 

February 2 – March 2, 2015.

The Programme Committee will establish the scientific programme of the FENS Forum 2016 on the basis of proposals from scientists from all over the world and all areas of neuroscience research.

Proposals can only be submitted through the online submission form. The proposals must be original, reflecting the latest developments of research in the field of interest. At the same time, each proposal should represent different aspects of its scientific topic and take into account the geographical diversity of the laboratories engaged in the particular research.

The instructions for symposium and technical workshops proposals are available under theGuidelines for proposals submission.


FENS is actively engaged in the preparation of its 10th biennial meeting to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on July 2 - 6, 2016. 
A new Programme Committee under the chairmanship of Rui M. Costa (Portugal) is appointed by the FENS Governing Council and will meet in April to evaluate the submitted proposals and establish the scientific programme.

The scientific programme will consist of plenary lectures, symposia, technical workshops and poster presentations. The symposia and technical workshops will be selected on the basis of proposals made by individual scientists.

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About fifty symposia will be selected by the Programme Committee. Each will last 1 hour 30 minutes and must a​ddress scientific issues around a coherent theme of interest to a broad audience.

Technical workshops 
Four to six technical workshops will be selected by the Programme Committee and will take place in the morning preceding the formal opening of the Forum. These are meant to discuss technical advances in various fields of research, with the emphasis on techniques, not on scientific results. They may last around 3 hours. The number of attendees at a technical workshop is limited to 50-100 in order to encourage interactions between them. A workshop registration fee will be requested from the attendees to contribute to the cost of room rental.

For examples of symposia and technical workshops, see the programme of the last FENS Forum in Milan, July 2014. ​



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